Anna's Garden

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Welcome to the Anna's Garden website.
There is an ever increasing number of wounded U.S. veterans who have given much to our country, and Anna’s Garden is here for those brave men and women.

Our country needs more programs for our veterans. Disabled, paralyzed, blinded, homeless, and education assistance programs exist, but these cannot do the job alone. Stress relief, socialization and camaraderie, and outdoor therapy are part of the activities found at Anna’s Garden.

Stress relief from the hectic pace of living in the city or returning from deployment is found in a rural agricultural area where men and women can just “kick back” and unwind. Camping and cook-outs with no outside influences are available. No phones or internet are at the site.

Socialization with others who have common interests take the form of sitting by the creek or pond and fishing and talking over times past. Just knowing that there is a “special place” for veterans is what is provided.

Outdoor therapy, fresh air, and physical activities provide a relaxed atmosphere. Come and visit.

Anna’s Garden provides a free, “special place” for American veterans who need time away from their hectic, stressful lives, time for socialization, and outdoor therapy. Located 70 miles west of Chicago, Illinois, Anna’s Garden, a 501( c-3) not for profit corporation, is committed to provide a range of outdoor therapy activities to repay our U.S. military men and women who have given SO much for their country. Week-end primitive camping (Friday night to Sunday) with fishing, cook-outs, horseshoes, baseball, and just “kicking back” and lying in the sun away from the hustle of the city is just part of what is offered at Anna’s Garden.

Accommodations are for 8 veterans per week-end, and reservations are needed. Please contact us for details by clicking here.